ABA Wizard Mock Exams

Our expertly crafted mock exams provide an unparalleled opportunity to simulate the real exam experience. Designed to replicate the challenges you'll face on your big day, these tests will give you a comprehensive understanding of what to expect.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate test with our challenging mock exams! Don't fret about your performance; we've got you covered. As soon as you complete the exam, we'll promptly deliver your score along with detailed feedback directly to your inbox. This invaluable feedback will serve as your compass, guiding your study plan to ensure you're fully prepared for success.

Don't leave your BCBA exam results to chance. Embrace the power of our BCBA Mock Exams and unlock your true potential!

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We don't give you a "pass" or "fail". You will receive a percentage based on your performance, but you can compare with others who have taken our test! Can you beat the average?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to take the mock exam?

We designed the exam to look just like the real thing:

  • 4 hours to complete
  • 1 question displayed at a time
  • Easily toggle between questions and change answers
  • We recommend taking the exam from a computer to more closely resemble the actual exam

What are the differences between the 3 mock exams?

Each of our 3 mock exams contain 185 unique questions. They are a similar difficulty and can be taken in any order.

What is your recommended study plan?

We recommend taking one of our mock exams as you begin to study, part way through your study, and about a week before you test. The results of your exams can guide where you need to direct your focus. Our mobile app full of practice questions is a great tool to boost subject comprehension.